CloneBD 讓您複製任何不受保護的藍光到您的硬碟,或任何空白藍光光碟。只需點擊幾下你可以選擇將選定的標題音頻語言和字幕語言的部分副本,或者你可以做一個1:1 您的藍光完整複製。 CloneBD使得完美1:1的複製,也可壓縮了BD-50到單面的BD-25,BD-9或BD-5。 CloneBD 也將轉換藍光光碟到所有流行的文件格式,如.MP4,.MKV,.AVI,而像Android設備,iPhone / iPad的,智慧電視,或其他當前可使用任何設備。 CloneBD 支援所有區域 (A,B,C)。有的無需安裝協力廠商驅動程式,因為內部的 UDF 2.50 分析器已包括在內。CloneBD 支援多核 CPU 和的硬體加速可加快複製速度。


  • 一個Windows 相容的PC用最少2 GHz 處理器和 2 GB RAM
  • Windows XP/XP64/VISTA/VISTA64/Win7/Win7-64/Win8/Win8-64/Win10
  • 需要管理員權限才能安裝。
  • 藍光讀/寫機
  • 完整複製藍光光碟約 50-100 GB可用暫時硬碟空間是必要的


  • 複製藍光光碟1:1或部分藍光至硬碟或空白藍光光碟
  • 選擇音訊的軌道語言和字幕語言
  • 壓縮的BD-50到單面BD-25,BD-9或BD-5
  • 轉換藍光內容轉換成通用的文件格式(MP4,MKV等)
  • CloneBD 支援所有區域 (A,B,C)
  • 容易標題選擇與包括藍光預覽播放
  • 無需要安裝驅動,包括UDF 2.50分析器
  • CloneBD 支援多核 CPU和的硬體來加快複製速度。
  • 支援3D .mkv檔案
  • H.265/HEVC高壓縮標準
  • Support for UltraHD Blu-ray (UHD) discs

Differences between free and paid version of CloneBD

All features of CloneBD are available in free and paid (with license) version, but some features will add a visible watermark to the video in free version. Check out the differences in the comparison chart below.

Feature fully available
A watermark will be added to the video

CloneBD freeCloneBD with license
Read Blu-ray Disc ISO files
Read Blu-ray folder structures from HDD
Read Blu-ray Discs directly from Blu-ray drive
Select individual audio and subtitle languages for copying
Trim parts of the beginning/end of the video
Integrated preview player
Copy to Folder, ISO or burn to BD-R/BD-RE
Create movie-only copies without trailer, bonus, ... (e.g. just the main movie or parts of it)
Compress audio to DTS/AAC/AC3
Create MKV or MP4 files from Blu-ray source
Support UltraHD
Support 3D Blu-ray (currently MKV output only)
Support UHD HEVC 10 bit HDR input and output
Compress/resize video (e.g. fit onto 25GB blank disc)
Convert UHD HDR source to SDR BD
Create MKV/MP4 files with permanent subtitles (blended over video)
Copy BD with compression
MKV output with compression
MP4 with compression
HDR to SDR conversion

CloneBD is powered by FFmpeg, the well-engineered open source project. CloneBD's FFmpeg sources can be found at