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 Virtual CloneDrive

There are only a few simple steps involved to install Virtual CloneDrive before starting to copy your movies:
  • Start up your computer
  • If you use Windows NT/2000/XP please verify that you are logged on as “Administrator” before installing the program
  • Insert the Virtual CloneDrive installation disc into your CD-Reader and follow the on-screen instructions
  • If the installation process does not start immediately, open your desktop folder “My Computer” and double click on your CD Reader icon, marked as Virtual CloneDrive. Double click on the file SETUP.EXE and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Virtual CloneDrive automatically recognises your Windows regional settings and begins to install accordingly
  • In the first installation window you can select your file type associations:

  • During the installation process you will be notified that Virtual CloneDrive has not passed the Windows Driver Signature Test and the Windows Logo Test. Please ignore these messages and proceed with the installation:

Free of Registration

Virtual CloneDrive is Freeware and does not require registration.

Using the Program

Virtual CloneDrive works just like a physical DVD drive, although it only exists virtually. Image files created by CloneDVD™ 2 can be “inserted” into Virtual CloneDrive and used as if they were normal DVDs.

Starting the Program

Starting Virtual CloneDrive opens a Window with three tabs: Settings, Language and Info.

  • „Number of Drives“: You can use up to eight virtual drives in parallel
  • „Virtual Sheep“: This helps to better keep the virtual drives from physical drives. You can select the Virtual CloneDrive Icon to mark your virtual drives as an option
  • „Automount last Image“: Here you choose whether you always want to load the previously loaded image or not
  • Change the program language here. Click on your desired language
  • Here you find the installed program version number and creators of Virtual CloneDrive
Mount an Image File

Virtual CloneDrive is marked with the Sheep Icon by default. This helps you to easily keep Virtual CloneDrive from the other physical drives. Click the Virtual CloneDrive with your right mouse button

A context menu opens. Choose „VirtualCloneDrive“. A new menu opens where you either Mount or Unmount an Image File. In the last entry you will find the directories of previously loaded Image Files. Simply mount an Image File by double-click.

Have fun with Virtual CloneDrive!

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